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EcuTek MASTER Tuner- GTR/Subaru/Evo
Mobile and 'E-Tune' GTR Custom Mapping
Premier Nissan GTR Tuning
From a 'Y'Pipe to 1000+HP engine builds
Custom ACS turbo upgrades
GTR GR6 Transmission upgrades


Experienced in 900+HP Time Attack builds
Years of Dyno Dynamics Mapping/Operation
Standalone and Stock ECU remapping
Mobile and Dyno tuning available
Rolling roads available nationwide
Chassis tuning / Geometry setups
Corner weighting available


Remapping of Stock ECU Euro/US cars
BMW, Mercedez-Benz, VAG Etc. Please contact!
BMW E9x M3 Stock ECU custom remap
Most advanced file in Europe available here
Exhaust system, remap and handling
custom performance packages available
Mobile remapping service


Custom circuit race and drag setup
Engine management
Custom exhaust and manifold fabrication
Custom CNC services available
Chassis engineering services
Please contact for estimates and advice